1. If the Renter is unable to take the agreed holiday, the Renter must inform the Landlord immediately. The Renter will however remain liable to pay the rent unless another party can be found to rent the property for the period in question. If the Renter does not occupy the rented property for the whole of the agreed rental period, the Renter will nonetheless be liable to pay the total rent for the agreed period. Any early cancellation of the Agreement is subject to the Swiss Code of Obligations.
  2. The Renter must raise any complaints about the rental property immediately upon checking in. Otherwise it will be assumed that the premises and equipment are in good condition as agreed and in accordance with the Agreement.
  3. The Renter agrees to protect the rental property, and the equipment contained therein, from any damage, and at the end of the rental period to surrender it with all keys and accessories in accordance with the inventory. Any damage or unusable items must be replaced such that the Landlord suffers no disadvantage as a result.
  4. The Renter also agrees not to take any action to the detriment of the property and the equipment therein, and to report any apparent faults or damage to the Landlord immediately, and not to sublet the rental property in whole or in part; in other words, the apartment may not be occupied by more than the number of persons specified in the Agreement.
  5. Any damage to the property or its equipment for which the Renter is responsible must be paid for by the Renter. No items likely to cause a blockage may be thrown into the toilets or sewerage system.
  6. Any situations not specifically covered by this Agreement will be governed by Articles 253 to 274 of the Swiss Code of Obligations.
  7. The Renter hereby accepts the house rules, and will allow the Landlord to inspect or arrange an inspection of the premises at any time.

As of 5 November 2021